In an effort to launch myself into blogging and work on my writing skills, I’ve enrolled in an online “Blogging 101” Course. Our task #1 is “Introduce Yourself to the World”, so here it goes:

(Boring stuff) My name is Suraj – if you’re interested to know anything beyond that, there’s an About page.

(Fun stuff) Here are the top three reasons why I choose to blog:

1. It’s vulnerable.

And if there’s anything that I’ve learned from watching TED talks (like this one) or seeing the people I look up to, it is that those who are willing to be vulnerable to the world are the ones who are more successful, more resilient, and more happy.

By being open, and allowing my thoughts, feelings, concerns, typos, and potential fallacies pour onto the page for all to judge, I am, in a sense, actively choosing to practice vulnerability. Hopefully, this process will not only be one to help me in experiencing and exploring this space of being “exposed” to the world, but also a chance to help others see how enriching of an experience it can be.

2. It’s exhilarating.

There is a sense of joy and excitement that comes from being able to share your experiences with others. Whether it is a time of happiness, sorrow, or something in between, we all yearn to be heard. And I believe that we’re always looking to learn something new. Having a blog such as this one is such a wonderful opportunity to contribute my experiences and share my insights with the world in a way that, due to the advances we’ve had in technology, is continuously breaking down barriers of space and time.

How amazing is it that something that I write and share about my experiences as a student in Georgia can impact and touch someone who lives in a completely different part of the world, even two or three years from now?

3. It is a chance to capture my imperfection.

We are forever changing, and as I go deeper and deeper into my meditation, I begin to realize how much I am changing perpetually. Just as I have gotten into the habit of compulsively hitting “Ctrl-S” to save my essays and assignments as I work on them (I’ve lost too more projects than I’d care to remember, by simply forgetting to save), I view this blog as a chance for me to hit “Ctrl-S” on my life, for just a moment.

This blog is a chance to temporarily hit pause and reflect on my thoughts, my experiences, and where I am, as I continue to write this book of my life, unravel the secrets within, and design my destiny.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with me!

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I am a student, a traveler, an activist, a meditation instructor…. and a blogger!
Come join me on my journey.

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  1. Hi Suraj, I wantes to write something wise and deep, but it’s 11 pm and my brain is switched off now. So, I love the theme you chose for your blog, as I use the same 😉 and I will follow you to discover what else you can do with this theme. Sorry for beeing so shallow 😉
    And I love your photos! Specially this one, so I decided to leave a comment here.


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