Dear Reader,

Thank you for stopping by!

Our time is precious and to choose to invest it in reading what I have written is humbling and a commitment that I don’t take lightly. Hence, I hope your time spent with me in these virtual pages – filled with my thoughts, frustrations, questions, revelations, feelings, and experiences – is one that is moving and beneficial to you in some way.

Besides your enjoyment, I hope that what you read causes you to pause and think. In every post, there is something to be learned, and perhaps something worth sharing with those around you. Let us not simply be passive observers of the beauty that surrounds us, let us work within ourselves to incorporate and integrate that beauty into our very being. I believe this applies to beautiful ideas, values, and concepts which move us, no matter how momentarily. So if you read something that has touched you, I hope it doesn’t remain some high-minded idea which you simply smile at and say, “Oh, what a nice thought, maybe I’ll do something with it later,” but rather something you actively seek or choose to incorporate into your thinking, actions, and being.

For me, this blog is an opportunity for me to capture an ever-changing self: to record my adventures abroad as well as my journeys within. So let’s both take a look inside, together.

With enthusiasm,

Suraj Sehgal


…and now we can talk about me.

My name is Suraj Sehgal. I am:

A student at the Georgia Institute of Technology and the grateful recipient of an amazing scholarship.

A meditator and an instructor for heartfulness meditation, a lifelong learner, and someone who’s always yearning for something more

An individual interested in many fields, including human trafficking, engineering, psychology, international affairs, sustainability, and spirituality

A listener aiming to empathize, a speaker seeking to inspire

And so much more.

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