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YOU Have a Story to Tell

If you’d rather read than listen: As I explored WishDish with a friend of mine, she immediately told me, “This seems like a cool idea, but not sure if I have anything to share. I’m not a good writer anyways.” Many of us have this same sentiment when it comes to writing, talking, or just storytelling…

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Stop Waiting to Change

If you’d rather listen than read: — My Day Four assignment for the “Blogging 101” course that I have enrolled in is to publish a post for my ideal audience member. Seeing as this was assigned five days ago, I’m definitely playing catch-up, but I am determined to make it! Well, this got me thinking, who is…

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Hello! In an effort to launch myself into blogging and work on my writing skills, I’ve enrolled in an online “Blogging 101” Course. Our task #1 is “Introduce Yourself to the World”, so here it goes: (Boring stuff) My name is Suraj – if you’re interested to know anything beyond that, there’s an About page. (Fun stuff) Here…

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