When I shift my gaze towards you, everything else goes away.

Suddenly all that used to excite me and bring me wonder is brought to my blind side.

Because I’m taken away by your beauty,

Compelled by your majestic mystery.

None of this can matter, because I yearn for you.

Only you can fulfill this craving.

You are the only thing I ever wanted or needed.

As I wait for you,

Every second, every moment, every minute seems to last forever,

but every time I look back to take a snapshot,

I realize that it has already become a memory.

The world keeps on changing and so do I.

Only you can pull me through forever, only you.

When all has become nothing but dust,

I will continue to wait for you, my love, my dear eternity.

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I am a student, a traveler, an activist, a meditation instructor…. and a blogger!
Come join me on my journey.

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