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I am a student, a traveler, an activist, a meditation instructor…. and a blogger!
Come join me on my journey.

The Tyranny of Pacman

It wasn’t until I took my AP Art History exam in my junior year of high school that a thought occurred to me about a game that I’ve taken for granted for so long: Pacman. It’s a fairly simple game: a yellow man eats white dots and cherries while being chased around by ghosts. And…

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Awaiting Miracles

I was driving to the New Jersey Princeton Junction station in an Uber when the driver struck up a conversation about spirituality. I remember a distinct moment when he began to rave about The Autobiography of a Yogi, insisting that anyone who reads the book will experience miracles. He starts recounting how when he started to…

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Screw Happiness

This past November, I was given the opportunity to speak at the TEDxGeorgiaTech Student Speaker Salon! If you’d rather read than watch, the text of the speech can be found below. Performance of “Posters” Spoken Word Poem I am tired of posters. Everywhere I go. Every doctor’s office, professor’s desk, waiting room, classroom, bedroom, everyplace…

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I’m Trying

There was a time I could neither read nor write. This idea to me is incredible. As I’m typing out these words, able to convey complex ideas using words, sentences, paragraphs, I am bewildered by the fact that there was a time that I couldn’t read and I couldn’t write. I’m a little saddened that…

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Beyond Rationality

We often idolize rationality as the solution to all of the world’s problems. Awareness. Education. These are always touted as the foundations of success for any plan that hopes to create real change. Especially in our current era of Enlightenment, we have come to view rationality as our savior. We believe that if the whole world was…

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“Posters” (Spoken Word)

The following a spoken word poem written (on and off) from September 2016 until March 2017. The video above was performed on May 4, 2017, at Urban Grind Coffee. I am tired of posters. Everywhere I go. Every doctor’s office, professor’s desk, waiting room, classroom, bedroom, every place that I go; they follow me. “Shoot…

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YOU Have a Story to Tell

If you’d rather read than listen: As I explored WishDish with a friend of mine, she immediately told me, “This seems like a cool idea, but not sure if I have anything to share. I’m not a good writer anyways.” Many of us have this same sentiment when it comes to writing, talking, or just storytelling…

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