Awaiting Miracles

I was driving to the New Jersey Princeton Junction station in an Uber when the driver struck up a conversation about spirituality.

I remember a distinct moment when he began to rave about The Autobiography of a Yogi, insisting that anyone who reads the book will experience miracles. He starts recounting how when he started to read the book a few years ago, he was just a few chapters into it when his nephew was accepted into dental school.

Skeptical but interested to hear more, I ask, if that’s what happened when you started the book, what happened when you finished it?

To which he responds, Oh, I haven’t actually finished reading it.

When I look back on this story, I’m simultaneously amused and bewildered. Not only did my driver have the conviction that reading a book would provide miracles, but he also managed to NOT FINISH THE BOOK!

This is the epitome of human hypocrisy, the daily struggle so many of us face. We know sleep is great for us, we know physical exercise and mental breaks are like miracles … and yet we still manage to skimp on all these activities.

There have been many times that I have felt caught up in the drudgery. So often, it’s like I’m moping around, waiting for some miracle to happen in order for my life to instantly change. However, the conversation with the Uber driver made think:

We always feel like we are the ones waiting for the miracles, but what if the miracles are just waiting for us?

What if that book is waiting to be read and to provide inspiration at the moment you need it most?

What if that diary is waiting to be written in to help you reflect and reveal an inner truth?

What if that yoga mat is waiting for you to develop that inner and outer flexibility which you will appreciate as you start growing older?

We are surrounded by miracles. So I guess the real question is, will you stick with it? Are you ready to complete your book of miracles?

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