Choose Love. Choose Heartfulness. Choose to Plan.

Such a thoughtful and true post from my friend, Mamata. Well said!

Mamata Venkat

Well, it’s that time of the year again—finals week.
For those of us who feel trapped in the seemingly perpetual role of ‘student’, we are all linked together in a universal clique as, together, we endure piles of term paper rough drafts, sides of hands tattooed in ink residue, cumulative exam after cumulative exam, and the overwhelming fear that there simply isn’t enough time to complete all of the work that has been thrust upon us.

If it sounds as though I’m taking the words right out of your mouth, it is because I’m currently dealing with that same stress. Over the last fourteen weeks of college, I’ve viewed finals as a distant stressor, remaining completely unfazed and nonchalant even as days of labs and presentations and quizzes whizzed by faster and faster as the semester progressed. But now, here we are, and despite my anticipation, I am still overwhelmed…

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